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  • Anti-bacterial additive

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  • Anti-bacterial additive

  • Protecting from harmful bacteria in our daily lives.

    KOKINEL is an inorganic anti-microbial agent that suppresses the growth of bacteria with anti-microbial function of metallic ions such as Ag+, Zn2+. KOKINEL is provided in three types: Powder, Masterbatch, and Paste. It contains stabilizer which makes it a superb anti-microbial agent and can be applied in various types of materials and applications. KOKINEL will protect us from harmful bacteria in our daily lives.

  • Type/Applications

    TypeApplicable MaterialsFinal Application
    Powder & Master BatchOlefin Resin,
    Styrene Resin,
    Nylon, PET, PVC, ABS etc
    Articles for daily use
    Home electronic appliance
    Industrial commodities
    Textiles and Fibers
    Sanatorium and Hospital Supplies
    Master PastePaint, Ink, Coating solutionAnti-microbial paint
    Surface coating of Electronic Devices
    Surface coating of Sanatorium and Hospital Supplies
  • Advantages

    Significant antimicrobial and anti-fungal efficacy
    KOKINEL inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi thanks to its antimicrobial metal ion function, preventing the occurrence of slime, microbiological deterioration and odor.

    Long lasting durability of antimicrobial and anti-fungal efficacy
    Because it includes antimicrobial metal ions which almost never evaporate or dissolve, KOKINEL has long lasting antimicrobial and anti-fungal efficacy.

    Superior safety
    Because it does not contain harmful heavy metals, KOKINEL is very safe, as has been confirmed by such tests as acute oral toxicity test, primary dermal irritation study, mutagenicity test and skin sensitization study. The components were approved from EPA and FDA.

    Superior heat resistance
    Being composed of an inorganic substance, KOKINEL does not break down, even at temperatures of 500°C, so that it can be mixed with almost any resin such as thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin

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