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We supply
to customers & people

  • Our vision

    KhaiEL’s main area is wastewater treatment, bio-plastics, bio-fertilizer, specialty chemicals, custom manufacturing, and still today the area of application is expanding according to customer’s request.

  • Sustainable environment

    Basically KhaiEL GmbH started development of new items according to request of customers in different industries so currently supplying diversified items for different industries.

    Today KhaiEL GmbH pursue continuous development of technology in the area of environmental friendly industry (Water, Energy saving, biotechnology), more innovative products (special additives), custom manufacturing ( Developing unique items for customers).

  • Share innovation

    KhaiEL GmbH works together with long term partners who has their unique technologies all over the world.

    This cooperation with partners for R&D and sharing information gives more synergy for both parties and it leads KhaiEL to supply more Innovative technology and items for customers. Entering into long-term relationships based on mutual trust and aimed at mutual benefit, that’s THE KhaiEL’s Promises.


We focus on
Technical Solutions,
Advanced Specialties
Innovative products

  • Technical solutions

    KhaiEL is primarily a solution provider based on own technology development and cooperation with partners in the market.

  • Innovative products

    KhaiEL is a global leader in the manufacture of special products with their own innovative idea and brand.

  • Advanced specialties

    KhaiEL is one of the world’s leading material suppliers specializing in chemicals, bio-technology and other specialty area.



    Enriching the lives of our employees Serving our partners and customers with true sincerity Giving back to the community as much as we canWe pursue family owned and colleague owned company. We make our employees to be happy while we strive to add more value to our customers and partners. We also want to share our value and innovation.


    Culture inspires people and opens up their minds to new possibilities. As a high-tech, new technology and research-based company, we create new culture at KhaiEL. Our culture is backed with courage, responsibility, respect, humbleness, trust, integrity and transparency.


    Employees are the foundation of a company’s success. They play a key role in our entrepreneurial conduct. In accordance with the KhaiEL values, we live a culture of mutual esteem and respect.

    We want to contribute to entrepreneurial success by recruiting, developing and motivating the most suitable employees while we focus on talent development, compensation, and performance management.

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