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Waste water Solution

We privides eco friendly chemicals, non-chemical devices for waste water treatment for our next generation.

  • Chemical solution
    Waste emulsion treatment, Heavy metal removal, Bio-coagulant
  • Sewage line treatment
    Dissolving and preventing lime scales im drainage system
  • Algae treatment
    Natural & safe microbial based treatmen
  • Sludge reduction
    Enhancing the metabolism of microorganisms leading to reduced sludge and biofilm

Bio degradable additive

We makes conventional plastics biodegradable in landfills, anaerobic digesters, compost facilities, and the ocean. Made with FDA approved ingredients for foods contact EU FCM plastic 2011/10 version is available.

  • Oxo biodegrable additive
    Proven technology based on a variety of commercial products
  • 3rd Gen Biodegradable additive
    Under development
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Water cleaning solution

Eco-friendly microbial technology removes water contaminants like algae, bad-odor, toxic, so on. The combination of innovative technology makes an ideal drink water purifier.

  • Anti-bacterial water preservative
    The ideal anti-bacterial solution for water storage

Sustainable Agroculture

We privides eco friendly chemicals, non-chemical devices for waste water treatment for our next generation.

  • Soil revitalizer
    100% whole food with whole nutrients.
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  • KhaiEL AgroHub
    The innovative plantation based on Earthfoods
  • Eco pesticide
    Eco-friendly agricultural pesticide

Additives & Raw material

Our special additives make our life more comforts in the unseen part.

  • Anti-bacterial additive
  • Flame retardant
    Phosphorus based product with intumescent flame retardant agent.
  • PUD, Si-PUD
  • Heat stabilizer for spandex

Coating system

We offer various coatings for a huge range of substrates and purposes.

  • Anti-microbial coating
    Physical anti-microbial effect
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  • Surface technology
    Various functional coating system

Cosmetic ingredients

We supply a variety of ingredients for cosmetic applications such as skin care, hair care, nail care, sun screen and color cosmetics.

  • Ingredient for cosmetic
  • Water based nail polish

Life & Supplements

We pursuit new technology for a better life

  • Oriental herb for diabetes
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