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  • Chemical solution

  • Waste water Solution
  • Chemical solution

  • Waste emulsion treatment, Heavy metal removal, Bio-coagulant
  • high performance organic waste emulsion splitter.

    With help of Elansplit, emulsified Oil will be directly splitted from water and build stable oil phase, which could be easily removed after splitting.

  • Applications

    - Automotive industry

    - Glass and ceramic industry

    - Tooling process

    - Metal tooling

    - Waste emulsion reclaimer

  • Advantages

    - High COD reduction up to 95%

    - Excellent minimization of the sludge amount in comparison to other technology, e.g. acid splitting, membrane filtration.

    - Perfect reduction of the sludge disposal costs up to 70%

    - Easy dosage with low investment, save up to 50% in compare to evaporator and membrane filtration.

    - Recycling of high quality splitted oil, which could be used as energy sources again.

  • Specialized for oil containing waste water and light emulsion.

    ELANclear Serie offers diverse coagulant, which could provide various solutions meets different applications requirements.
    Our key products are ELANclear CS grade and ELANclear BIO grade.

    ELANclear CS is specialized for oil containing waste water and light emulsion.

  • Applications

    - Automotive industry

    - Glass and ceramic

    - foundry

    - industrial laundry

  • Advantages

    - Better performance in oil removal than current coagulant, for example PAC

    - Lower dosage and easy application

    - Excellent sludge quality for flotation and dewatering

    - Protect the following treatment from destroy of oil particles for example, membrane filtration

    - Low investment

  • Nature based cationic coagulant

    ELANclear BIO is a nature based cationic coagulant, with its biological properties, it could fit various requirements of application, especially in food industry. It is not only safe but also more environmental friendly.

  • Applications

    - Diary

    - Beverage

    - Ceramic

    - Slaughterhouse

    - Frits & Glazes

  • Advantages

    - Natural based, environmental friendly

    - Safe and Suitable for food industry, e.g. dairy and beverage industry, drinking water as well as industrial applications.

    - Up to 70% save of dosage in compare to inorganic coagulant as FeCl3, PAC etc.

    - Free from metal salts and protect system against corrosion.

    - Do not consume alkalinity and increase pH value dramatically in compare to PAC, save neutralized agent, which leads to less sludge amount and better dewatering properties

    - Optimal function under border range of pH value

  • Innovative precipitation of heavy metals

    ELANmet series products offer an innovative precipitation of heavy metals with polymer sulfur without the corrosion risk of H2S. Their high performance guarantee a far lower Metal concentration than the usual lime treatment as well as the discharge limits. Among the products, the high light is the ELANmet SMF-1, which is designed to treat Hg, one of the most dangerous add(heavy metal) to human brain and organs.

  • Applications

    - Automobile industry

    - Electroplating

    - Incineration Plant

    - Power plant

    - Environmental remediation (soil, groundwater)

  • Advantages

    - Nontoxic inorganic polymer sulfur

    - Only product to fix element Hg(Hg0) in the market

    - Suitable for almost all pH-Value (1-14)

    - High performance in removal of toxic heavy metal

    - No corrosion from H2S

    - Simple dosage and regulation of pH-Value for precipitation of different metal ions

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