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  • Soil revitalizer

  • Bio chemical organic Fertilizer for the real nutrition.

    Earth Foods is a 100% whole food. It contains nutritious substances that can be fully absorbed by plants without any fillers, additives and clay. This is the only "whole nutrients" that can be found.

  • Healthy organic fetilizer for all of us.

    As an international company, located in Germany, South Korea and Malaysia, KhaiEL GmbH incorporated with global highly-innovated technology, and contributes its know-how to various fields, mainly in fine chemical raw materials, waste water and soil treatment and agricultural technology.

    Instead of blindly chasing higher yield, better quality of crops and endless costs reduction, KhaiEL set his ultimate goal to produce high quality foods' for crops, which contains the whole spectrum of necessary nutrition, including natural biochemical substances, active substances, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and bacteria.

  • The extensive use of chemical fertilizer in our modern agricultural industry caused the depletion of nutrients in the foods. Human beings nowadays are suffering much earlier from chronic diseases and health problems, by eating those chemical rich 'fake food'.

    Overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones has destroyed the natural food chain. Furthermore, it resulted in early puberty and diabetes among children as well as increase of human cancer cases.
    KhaiEL GmbH has innovated Earth Foods® that can turn the traditional fertilizer into the nutrition, which can be directly and completely absorbed by plant. The foods will contain more nutrients and better meet the requirement of human health.

  • Technology Breakthrough

    There is no technology from the past that is able to combine high content of NPK, trace elements, organic matters (inclusive of various organic acid) and beneficial bacteria into one.

    Earth Foods® has breakthrough by combining these 4 substances perfectly by using KhaiEL Quantum Bio-Synthesizer.

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